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Case Study

Client working too many hours and wanted to cut down to part time hours to enjoy more things outside work


My client was spending too much time working on and in her business and wanted to cut down her hours to an average of 3 days a week, from 5 full days a week. She already had a couple of contractors in place and had tried other business management solutions before, but she was still in a situation of working more hours than she wanted to.

In addition, she wasn’t able to follow up warm leads generated through paid ads, so wasn’t get the ROI on her expenditure that she should have achieved. Often she would spend time trying to ring people, but getting no answer, wrong number and so forth, which meant it wasn’t a good use of her time.


  • Review of what the client was currently doing.
  • Identify what only the client could do.
  • Identify what hours paid work the client would have to do to hit her annual turnover goal.
  • Work out how to run the back end of the business efficiently using systems and processes.
  • Work out what existing team members could do.
  • Work out what gaps were in the existing team to bring in new team member(s).
  • Train and manage the team so the client could focus on the actions only she could do.
  • Weekly accountability and check in meetings.
  • Tracking of lead generation and outcomes.


My client was able to take time away from the business by passing the day to day management of the team and tasks to me. Her time was spent servicing exsiting clients, talking to warm leads at mutually chosen appointment times, other client communications, including filming v-blogs, and weekly catch up calls with me.

Not only was she spending less time working in her business, the time was spent more productively as I implemented a lead follow up process, meaning that someone else was doing the inital chasing and lead qualification, so the calls were with people who wanted to speak to her and were expecting the call at the time arranged.

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