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About me

I have always been very organised since a child, due to the number of extra-curricular activities I did, including music, dance and swimming, which meant I always had to manage my free time to get everything done. Joining a swimming club around age 10 taught me dedication and determination, and started my love for health and fitness.


However, as I also excelled academically, initially I went to university and achieved a Masters in Electronic Engineering with Merit, followed by a postgraduate year in Design, Manufacture & Management. I then worked for British Telecom in commercial management for 7 years, doing market research, new product development & launch, marketing and then business planning and strategy, which is where I studied marketing at evening classes.



I eventually took voluntary redundancy and re-trained as a personal trainer, class instructor, and swimming instructor and started working in the industry that I was passionate about. I worked full time in the industry, and then part-time alongside office work including project support, where I completed my PRINCE 2 Practitioner qualification, and then starting a family.


I evolved as an instructor to focus on yoga and pilates, and also started to practice mindfulness. I also had an interest in mental health including anxiety, depression and stress as I have been there myself and wanted to make these topics more acceptable to talk about.



When I started living between South Wales, Essex and Gran Canaria, I decided to set up a business that was location independent, since each time I had moved, I had had to start a new business, building on previous experience, and I also no longer wanted to be tied to one location.


During the pandemic I completed a Level 4 Diploma in Physical Activity & Mental Health as Lockdown gave me the ability to train with a top UK provider online. In 2022, I became a Certified NLP Practitioner after doing an American Board of NLP approved course.



Having evolved the services I was providing to clients in 2022, I then completed a 6 month course during the first half of 2023, which included a week long intense certification week simulating working with multiple, demanding clients simultaneously to become a Certified Online Business Manager®, which consolidated all my skills and experience into an internationally recognised qualification and allowed me to provide services to my clients at an exceptional level.


My focus now is on providing my clients with the lifestyle they desire through using my Human Doing Into Human Being® Packages to provide a bespoke solution to their needs, whilst maintaining my chosen lifestyle as well.


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01. Strategic

I will be your strategic partner; I am here to assist you at a high level, streamlining your systems and processes, managing your outsourced tasks.

I will ensure that the right thing is done by the right person at the right time and in the right way.

 02. Professional

As a Certified Online Business Manager® you can be assured you are working with a highly skilled leader who takes continuous professional development seriously. In addition to my knowledge and experience, I am able to draw on that of all members of the IAOBM.

 03. Loyal

I look to create long term partnerships with my clients, as my success comes through the success of my clients. I work with a maximum of 3 clients at any one time, depending on the needs of each client, to give everyone, including myself, the time necessary to excel.

Hear from one of my previous clients in this short video:

(Videography credit: Datrysiad Media)

Key Skills

Areas of Expertise

Project management

Both at BT Broadcast Services and Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust, I honed my project management skils including passing the PRINCE 2 Practitioner Exam.

Coaching Skills

As well as developing my coaching skills through my work as a Personal Trainer, Swimming Teacher, Yoga and Pilates instructor and more in the fitness industry, I gained the ABNLP Certified NLP qualification in 2022.

Business Planning & Strategy

My first experience of writing a Business Plan was in my final year at the University of Southampton, where our Group Project was awarded the Pilkington Prize for the best Multi-Disciplinary Project in 1995.

I went on to work in this area for BT Broadcast Services, a Trading Unit within BT plc.

Metrics & Budgeting

I love numbers and statistics! Perhaps my Dad has something to do with that, having a PhD in Statistics!

I also completed the ACCA Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance when working at BT. This was a Finance for Non-Financial Managers course to enable senior managers to talk to their Finance counterparts confidently.


From new product/market research and development at BT to marketing communications and event/conference planning and delivery at Cardiff University, and blog writing, emails, & social media for both clients and my own businesses, I have a wealth of experience to complement the CIM Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing I completed whilst at BT.

Organisational Skills

From working with up to 3 clients at any one time including managing client teams, to juggling a young family with part time employment, freelance work and running my own studio, I always been organised.

This started from an early age with many extra-curricular activities to manage as well as school work, including playing the piano, clarinet and recorder, swimming, and ballet, tap and modern dance.

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